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Spbonding time with the Speple

By: The Membership Formation Department SPICNIC First semester’s SPICNIC was inspired by the YouTube videos of SoulPancake that featured strangers having deep, interesting conversations facilitated by questions stuck on the objects given to them. In SPEED’s SPICNIC, there were six kuwentuhan stations wherein the Speple were given a chance to talk and share their thoughts […]

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SPEED Week: A Disability Awareness Week

By: Advocacy Department A newly-launched project, SPEED Week: A Disability Awareness Week sought to further promote awareness for the special needs sector within the larger Ateneo community and beyond. Through interdepartmental efforts, SPEED Week was brought alive, and with it the valiant attempt to show the world that persons with special needs ought to be […]

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Mission: As an organization that seeks to empower the special needs sector, we collaborate with different institutions for the development of their special education programs towards self-sustainability. Moreover, we organize projects that promote the involvement of the community inside and outside Ateneo in advocating for persons with special needs.

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An inclusive society that provides persons with special needs access to quality special education and embraces their value as human beings.

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Established in 1994, the Ateneo Special Education Society (Ateneo SPEED) is a student organization that aims to empower the Persons with Special Needs and ensure their inclusion in our society today. Ateneo SPEED addresses this through dynamic partnerships with institutions catering to PWSNs and through projects that promote the involvement of the community inside and outside Ateneo in our advocacy.

Ways to Help

In its pursuit of an inclusive society, the Ateneo Special Education Society (Ateneo SPEED) organizes several events to get the outside community involved in the sector, and thereby spreading awareness about the cause.


Ateneo SPEED’s flagship project is Sparkle, a Christmas celebration with the kids. Held on Ateneo grounds, the project is an avenue for students from special needs institutions and volunteers from all around to interact and get to know each other. SPEED’s partner institutions are invited to the event, as well as other special needs institutions, and every year over a hundred students celebrate Christmas on Ateneo grounds. In recent years, a weeklong pre-event project offers Ateneans the opportunity to sponsor loot bags and various other items for our student participants, as well as to sign up to volunteer as a facilitator for the event. Sparkle is also host to several performers and various organizations that set up activity booths for the kids to explore. It is a wonderful opportunity for our volunteers to catch a glimpse into the sector and its situation, to dispel any misconceptions they might have about PWSNs. It is a celebration of the spirit of Christmas in its truest form.
Ways to Help: Volunteer to be a facilitator, Sponsor a loot bag, Set up an activity booth, Volunteer to perform


Another SPEED favorite is Splendour, our annual special prom. SPEED organizes a full-blown prom to give our kids the opportunity to experience this unique milestone, where they can apply and further develop their socialization skills. Volunteer dates sign up to take part in this heartwarming event, and they get to spend a fun-filled night getting to know the kids. The kids and their dates get to enjoy a night of fun, meeting new friends and enjoying various performances. This year, Splendour was preceded by a weeklong event where non-SPEED members were given the opportunity to support the project by signing up to be a prom date or sponsoring a flower crown for the participating kids.
Ways to Help: Volunteer to be a date, Sponsor a flower crown, Volunteer to perform

SPEED Week: A Disability Awareness Week

An effort that was newly launched this school year is SPEED Week: A Disability Awareness Week. The weeklong event is another effort to raise awareness and promote inclusivity and acceptance among the Ateneo community, featuring such events as an advocacy talk aimed at dispelling myths and misconceptions, a workshop on Down Syndrome, a weeklong fundraiser called Spectrum that featured shirts designed by our area kids, the #NoToLabels poster campaign, and a completely new initiative called Kids at Work which sees some area kids helping out around campus. The whole week is a nod to inclusivity, a prelude to the events of the year and a strong push for awareness around campus.
Ways to Help: Sign up to be a Kids at Work buddy, Share awareness posters, Buy Spectrum shirts, Attend talks

Finance Projects: Sploat, Spectrum, Spotlight, Spectacular

Another way SPEED contributes to the development of our partner area institutions is through financial means. The organization is able to contribute in this way due to its evolving portfolio of Finance projects. This year’s roster includes Sploat, a new fundraising event featuring colorful hand-made stuffed hot air balloons symbolizing four general attitudes SPEED upholds: happiness, acceptance, growth, and love. Another project new to SPEED’s arsenal this year is Spectacular, a concert featuring students from the organization’s partner special needs institutions and performers from all around the Metro, in celebration of the inclusive society that SPEED envisions. An old favorite, Spectrum, also returns integrated with SPEED Week. Spectrum is a shirt-selling fundraiser featuring shirt designs by students from partner area institutions, as well as distinct quotes that speak to the advocacy. Another mainstay, SPEED’s caroling project returns with a new name: Spotlight. Proceeds from Spotlight directly fund SPEED’s Wishlist Project, whereby the organization fulfills its partner area institutions’ Christmas Wishlists to further develop their special needs facilities and programs.
Ways to Help: Purchase a Sploat, purchase a shirt (Spectrum), volunteer to perform for Spectacular, purchase a ticket and watch Spectacular, volunteer a house for caroling (Spotlight)

Apostolate Projects

The Apostolate department, in charge of all things to do with SPEED’s partner area institutions, also brings to the larger Ateneo community and beyond opportunities to participate in area visits and workshops. Open Area weeks allow non-members of the organization to take part in SPEED’s weekly area visits, with proper training provided by the Apostolate department. Another effort to further spread awareness about PWSNs in the Ateneo is the SPEED Area Workshop Series (SPAWS), held twice a year. This effort brings to the Ateneo various Special Education organizations and professionals to further develop the skills and knowledge about interacting with PWSNs of SPEED members and non-members alike.
Ways to Help: Sign up for Open Area, Attend SPAWS



AH: Katrina Cariño | Saturday 7:30- 12:00NN

Cottolengo Filipino is owned and managed by the Little Works of Divine Providence Congregation founded by Saint Luigi Orione, an apostle of charity and father of the poor. This non-profit religious and non-government organization aims to serve the most poor, abandoned and neglected persons with disabilities. Cottolengo Filipino is located in San Rafael Rodriguez Rizal. The common conditions of the PWSN’s in this institution are Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Hydrocephalus and Global Developmental Delay.


Jamima Nicole Cruz – Tuesdays, 9:00 AM – 12:00 NN
John Paul Del Rosario – Wednesdays, 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Sacred Heart Center (SH) is one of the programs headed by the Daughters of St. Mary Providence dedicated for the poor and marginalized Filipino children, teenagers and young adults who have physical and mental impairment. They are open during the mornings and the early afternoons of the weekdays for various educational, spiritual, physical/sports and health-related activities. The persons-with-special-needs under the program are diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Mental Retardation, but are nonetheless very sociable and friendly to their teachers and volunteers. Sacred Heart Center has Physical and Occupational Therapy as well as Speech and Communication skills therapies to help with the growth of these individuals. The students are very open to the weekly area visits and spending time with the volunteers with the different, fun and unique modules to do with them. The program is very open to the help of kind-hearted volunteers, benefactors, and organizations for the persons who are under the program.


Ana Corina Padilla – Thursdays, 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

The Child’s World – A Growing Center is a family-focused school that offers classes for Kindergarten, where they let children experience their first taste of independence from home, and for Persons with Special Needs (PWSNs), where they offer an extensive and innovative program for them that is internationally acclaimed and that which subscribes to the Delacato method of sensory-motor development. It started in 1982 through the initiative of Ms. Evelyn Tan who dreamt of starting a school that is committed to providing quality academic innovation and integration with a strong family focus. Later on, a focused program for PWSNs was instituted with the aim of working closely with the child and family to help them integrate and cope better with the rest of the world. They have professional support services consisting of teachers and specialists from diverse educational backgrounds, experiences and credentials. They also offer other services such as Diagnostic Evaluation & Psychometric Services, Training and Seminars, Therapies, Tutorials, and A Community based Residential Program for Adult PWSNs (Plus Que Suffisant).

Eucharistiana Center for Special Children

Ramon Antonio Limcaoco | Fridays, 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Eucharistiana Center is a simple but amazing school located in Marikina City, headed by Teacher Mon Hermida since 1986. With the assistance of Teacher Pao Guzman, as well as other Sped professionals and Ateneo’s very own SPEED, EC gives its students the opportunity to learn different skills such as reading, writing, self-help, household and socialization skills. It is here you will build relationships with very loving and special kids each with a special talent. They love painting, drawing, and even singing their hearts and desires out! It’s a mix of Autism meets Down’s Syndrome meets Cerebral Palsy but no matter how small these children seem to be in size, they never forget to smile and welcome you into their home with their big, big hearts.

St. Francis School – VSA Arts Philippines, Inc.

Maria Angelica Allado – Fridays, 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

St. Francis School – VSA Arts Philippines Inc. is an institution that values for the development of the speech and language skills of children who are hearing impaired. They campaign for an inclusive education that provides equal opportunities for children with or without developmental disabilities to learn and succeed using their own talents and skills. They are committed to teaching the children on how to better communicate through the development of their listening and interpersonal skills at the earliest possible age through interactive and integrative means. They dedicated in the development and education of children from infant, pre-school and elementary level.

Guanella Center – Servants of Charity

Marian Mercado | Saturdays, 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Servants of Charity founded the Guanella Center, Inc. , in the name of its Founder, Blessed Louis Guanella. The Guanella Center was established on the year 1993 at Blessed Louis Guanella in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Tandang Sora, Quezon City. The center serves as an “open tent” to welcome the indigent children and most especially the persons with disabilities (PWD’s) in order to extend to them and their families’ initial help and as well as to build around them a network of Christian Solidarity. The center provides rehabilitation services for Persons with Special Needs in its residential based facility and community-based program, livelihood as well as socialization and spirituality enrichment program for indigent children, youth, families, and elderly. The center offers Shelter Home, a residential program for maximum of twenty-one (21) adolescent and adult men with physical and mental disability deprived of family support. The center provides 24 hours security for the special children guided by the reliable trained staff; and center Community-Based Services for those disabled coming to the Center during the day.